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  • Lori Davis

Sip, Support, and Savor: Join Us for the Spectacular Mocktail Party on August 10th!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Dear Sanzuma Subscribers,

Mark your calendars for our famous Mocktail Party on August 10th, an event that brings together community, compassion, and a touch of bubbly magic! Note: Mocktails are cocktails without the alcohol!

From refreshing fruit blends to zesty herb-infused sips, each mocktail is a testament to the power of wholesome goodness.

To secure your place at the Mocktail Party, click the "Donate" button and add a minimum of $30 per ticket. We kindly request that you write the names of the ticket holders in the comment section during the donation process and screenshot or print your receipt.Each ticket serves as a token of your generosity and your commitment to fostering change in our community.

Nutrition Center - A Hub of Learning

You can sip your mocktail in our new nutrition center where we will be teaching nutrition classes to adults and children!

Thank you so much!

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