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Support us

With your donations, Sanzuma will be able to fund a maintenance person to help with general maintenance, buy organic soil amendments, replace broken tools, invite guest farmers to teach a class on our farm, cook with the students, and so much more!

Support Sanzuma 

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Donate items such as tools, service hours, supplies, seeds, soil nutrients etc.

Inkind Donations

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For $150 a month (6 months minimum) Sanzuma will deliver a 15-pound box of organic produce to their doorstep weekly. 

This food will not only help nourish the family but it will ensure that if the family is COVID positive we are helping them stay sheltered in place protecting the local community from COVID spreading.

Sanzuma's definition of "at-risk" is COVID positive, families with compromised immune systems, no transportation to a pantry, or the main provider has either been deported or disabled.

Adopt an at-risk family

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