Sanzuma's CSW is on hold for the winter.

Thank you to all of the people who participated! The support was amazing. We will be back in the spring. This winter we will focus on supporting the most

at-risk families in our community.

Please call 510-599-9621 or email if you're interested in sponsoring a family.

Thank you for your support.

Please remember It takes a village. 

A CSW is similar to a CSA - Community Supported Agriculture except during this tough time we will be adding occasional wellness gifts into the bag as well. So, therefore, Sanzuma named it a CSW- Community Supported Wellness. Sanzuma will donate a bag to a family in need every other week. Once you are a member of our CSW you can nominate at-risk families too. 

The Benefits of Joining a CSW

  • You know exactly where your food comes from.

  • The food tastes better.

  • Freshly picked produce is more nutritious. 

  • Produce is free from harmful chemicals. 

  • Your overall diet will be healthier. 

  • CSWs save you money. 

  • CSWs save you time. 

  • You get the chance to try new foods.

  • You know your farmer personally and can schedule farm visits. 

  • You will realize that some organic produce is not perfect. 


We will TRY to have a weekly pick up in San Rafael. Still working out all of the details. 


Since the Covid -19 the schools have shut down and we normally sell 80% of our produce to them and a few local restaurants. Soon we will have lots of heirloom organic produce and with the schools shut down and the grocery stores not being the best place to shop at the moment this is our solution. 


All organic, mostly heirloom veggies. Due to current restrictions, we will put the produce into a bag or box and you will have to transfer it into your own container and leave the bag with us. 



This is the most important aspect of this project. To make this work our perfect client needs to be flexible, adventurous,  and understanding that we are trying this for the first time. Our perfect client  must also have some sense of what grows seasonally. Although we do have a greenhouse and hoop houses we cannot offer tomatoes year-round.

All boxes will be very similar. We cannot customize them. As summer and late spring come upon us your boxes/bags will get more diverse and fabulous. Currently, we have Kale, Hydroponic lettuce, 399 tomatoes plants in the greenhouse- in the ground (approximately 25 varieties), 8 varieties of squash, 3 colors of beans, 12 varieties of cucumbers and so much more!

How much does this CSW cost? 

It is $25 per bag weekly and a $5 handling fee

In the summer you will have an option to get a large bag for $40 with a $10 handling fee.  We ask that if you go on vacation you allow Sanzuma to donate your bag to a family in need

We are sold out for the time being.

If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please fill out the form below.

For questions, you can email or call 510-599-9621

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Please see pictures below of the contents of the CWS's first week